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chocolate cherry cheesecake brownies

These are pure indulgence. Perfect. Usually I struggle to follow a recipe exactly – spotting gaps to tweak ingredients and instructions here and there in an attempt to improve it. And in so doing make it my own. However with this recipe I couldn’t find a single adjustment I wanted to make. It sounds like a mouthful, but what could possibly be taken away from, or added to swirling, gooey, chocolate-cherry-cheesecake-brownie? The dark richness of the chocolate brownie is perfectly balanced by the fruity cherry and light vanilla cheesecake to produce something wickedly indulgent.

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chocolate brownie & raspberry cheesecake

Procrastination seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment, however last week’s procrastination had productive intentions. And so the writing of this post was put off as I took broom to hand and headed to Clapham Junction to help with the clean up in the aftermath of the London riots.

So although the cake is long gone – devoured gluttenously by my other half and I – I thought it a shame not to share it. With summer firmly in full swing, the idea for this cake came from a recent trip to a pick-your-own-fruit and veg farm in Surrey. I can’t remember the last time I giggled so much and behaved like a five-year-old – running from bush to bramble picking and eating sun blushed raspberries; fat, juicy blackberries; ruby-red cherries; strawberries and sunflowers. And yes, I went slightly overboard and picked far too much. I have added a slight twist to the filling by adding meringue mixture to the cheese which results in a cake that is super light and fluffy.

I think this cake could be made with either raspberries or blackberries – but for me, raspberries work better as they are less tart. The brownie biscuit base comes from Smitten Kitchen – and is one I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Simply cut and bake whatever left over base dough there is – they make scrumptious cookies. However, if you don’t want excess dough for cookies halve the ingredients below.

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